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Hello My name is Takeshi F(usyukuro label ).
I  like music such as rock , folk , newage , experimental.
REM ,Walkabouts.Nick Drake,Alex De Grassi ,Taku Sugimoto,Jim Oruke.
I started playing guitar 8 years ago.
I played band and covered Japanese rock music.
3~4 years ago I started very experimental project "overdose kunst" with Ryuta.k
Please listen to Mp3.
NEW !!  2007. 5  Third Release  in  Postmoderncore
Incested by social machine   
by overdose kunst
An interesting development from Overdose Kunst's previous album, Incested by social machine
     includes a lot of actual guitar playing, with various levels of effect. In places it could even be described 
as pastoral. At other times the more spooky, sampling side of their nature shows through.
All of it is chilled and contemplative, but most is uneasy and unsettled. It's a great album.
   2006 . 6   Second Release in  The Umbrella Noize Collective
War of Kelgenetu
by overdose kunst
2006 . 3   First Release   in  Postmoderncore   
 non-form material machine 
by  overdose kunst
~ ~ Album review ~ ~ 
The album starts with the heavy sample
mangling atmospherics of i should want
to be alan lomax in new domaincc
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